Who is she, anyway?

Hallie Official Headshot

My name is Hallie Darphin.

I love Jesus and His people and believe sometimes all you need is a coffee (or sweet tea) date with a good friend.

I started blogging a lifetime ago when I quit college for a few months to live at a children’s home in Uganda. It was my connection to America and the thing that kept my mom from getting on a plane every time her email account went without my name for a few days. It was my place for processing in the confusing and beautiful year that followed. Read all those stories here.

I’m here now as an advocate for education, a business leader, and a twenty-something trying to figure it out and realizing most of the time we’re all just winging it. Come along for the adventure.

If you want to know more about who I actually am, I’m a twenty-first century young adult, which means you can find me on almost any social media.



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